Monday, 29 December 2014

The Model Factory Reviews

The Model Factory Reviews

The Model Factory are the UK's leading modelling advice and training resource. We have relationships with leading agencies and studios and can help any aspiring model take the right steps in the right order to establish themselves as a self employed model. There are lots of things to take into account when you want to start modelling and we can help you understand them all in a short amount of time.

Many models make mistakes when it comes to managing their careers, because as a model you are expected to be your own employee and also your own manager. Modelling agencies can help you with the management side but they see you more as a partner, and that has its own responsibilities. The Model Factory have a selection of packages, the Free Track, the Organic Track, and the Fast Track. The services we provide differ amongst these packages but all include an online appraisal in which we will review your application and photos and try to point you in the right direction for the niche of modelling that best suits you. If you don't have a portfolio already made, you can even send mirror selfies, full body shots in focus, and also a simple head shot so we can see who you are nice and clearly. Here is a letter we received from a model we helped after she had her first day on a professional advertising shoot for a branded household product!

The Model Factory

Hi guys, I'm not long back from Birmingham where the shoot was. It was sooooo cool! In the photos it looks like I'm in a stately home but it was all set up in this amazing studio. I have no idea how they did it. Everything ran to schedule I think and they seemed really happy with me. I'm so thankful for the opportunity and really hope that they or someone else call me again. My family is really excited to see the result, I didn't really get a good look on their screens because it was all a bit busy. I'll be in touch anyway! Lara x

We love receiving notes like this and are really happy when our models do well. If you want to find out more about The Model Factory then read our other blogs. Also make sure to check out The Model Factory boards on Pinterest and repin all your favourites! The video below outlines who we are and what we do, we look forward to seeing your application!

Friday, 28 November 2014

The Model Factory: Commercial Modelling

What is Commercial Modelling?

Commercial modelling is the largest area of modelling. There are thousands of garments and products coming out every year and each one requires a model to show the piece in the best light. It also involves representing companies at trade shows and expos, TV work, print commercials and work for internet advertising.
The Model Factory

How do I get into Commercial Modelling?

Apart from being confident, camera friendly and great at networking, you need to have a real determination to beat the competition. Talk to The Model Factory to find out more.

The Model Factory

Where can I find out more about The Model Factory?

You can find out more by watching the video below and by getting in touch on The Model Factory website or on the Facebook link under the video!

The Model Factory on Facebook

Monday, 20 October 2014

The Model Factory Reviews

The Model Factory Reviews

With over 12 years experience in the industry and a team in both London and Manchester, The Model Factory will provide you with the tools you need and on going support. The Model Factory is not an agency as we do not find models work, but we have an enormous amount of experience and expertise in the area. Our team are dedicated to ensuring you have a safe and secure experience in kick starting your modelling career. Freelance modelling is when a model is not signed up to a modelling agency. A freelance model will market his or herself in the industry and find modelling work independently. Many freelance models work as part time models to earn a second income. 

The Model Factory
The Model Factory
"My daughter Nicola has always dreamed of becoming a model, however we have no prior experience of the modelling industry and therefore had no idea how to go about it. The Model Factory have been fantastic. It is very reassuring that we can ring in if we need any further advice. They arranged for us to go to Thomas Street Studios to have Nicola's portfolio pictures taken, which was wonderful."

"Big thank you to everyone at The Model Factory for giving me the confidence to press ahead with my career as a model. Went for a test shoot in Manchester which went really well and I loved the work. Will recommend you to my friends." Juliet

Watch this video to find out more about The Model Factory.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Model Factory: Personality

The Model Factory: Personality Matters

You may be driven, successful, and smart but whether you choose to show respect or not speaks volumes about the type of attitude it takes to make it in life. The Model Factory help aspiring models to break into the very tough modelling industry. They have a selection of packages suited to every model and provide the best advice and support available. The Model Factory even offer the "Free Track" including an assessment and modelling advice. 

The Model Factory
The Model Factory

The Model Factory meet a range of personalities on a daily basis. The type of people who make it are those who remember that beauty really isn't skin deep. We always tell children to “treat others the way we want to be treated” and yet, sometimes we don't subscribe to it ourselves. Do you step on others to get ahead? Do you take your spouse, friends, or colleagues for granted? Do you show gratitude or attitude when others help you? In this case, it’s often the little things you do that make the biggest difference in how children perceive how to succeed in business and relationships. The Model Factory will help to make your development in modelling as healthy and productive as possible. 

To find out more about modelling with The Model Factory, watch the video below.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Model Factory Packages

The Model Factory Packages

Welcome to The Model Factory, the Manchester based photography studio. Here is a run down of their modelling services. The Model Factory are not a modelling agency. They also take a deposit up-front. We will also include the prices for their different services so you know what to expect. To get in contact with The Model Factory visit their website today!

The Model Factory
The Model Factory

Female Modelling Packages

Couples - Capture the mood, and your love for each other with our amazing couples shoots. Find out more about how we take photos in this modelling article.

Mum & Daughters - Get to have a great day out and spend time with your daughter and have the photos to show off forever! The Model Factory specialize in these kinds of photos and ensure a great result.

Fashion Photography (Single) - The Model Factory specialize in fashion photography. They can show off your photogenic side and your skills as a model. You also get to bring 6 outfits to change into on the day, as well as multisets and location shoots. You also have access to top makeup and stylistics to make your experience perfect.

Talk to The Model Factory today to arrange your visit.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Become a Fitness Model with The Model Factory

Fitness Modelling

The Model Factory is a photography studio specializing in modelling portfolio photo shoots for aspiring models. They are not a modelling agency. However, The Model Factory is here offer advice to you as you carve out your career. Most fitness models use modelling as a part time job and flexible source of income. However it is important to remember that although fitness modelling can be part time, maintaining your ‘look’ will be a full time practice.

As a basic rule you will need to be able to maintain a consistent body shape with good muscle tone and general fitness. You must also be considerate of your hair, teeth and skin. You must maintain an overall look of desired health. As a fitness model you will promote products such as protein bars, health shakes, sports clothes, fitness magazines etc. You may also promote non-fitness related products but this will be less often. Therefore, fitness is your key market so you must stay in shape. Find out more about us on The Model Factory Facebook page.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Male Modelling Guide

The Model Factory 

Male Modelling

Although fashion is dominated by female models, more and more male models are in demand in the industry. Led by such names as Tyson Beckford,  David Gandi, and many others, men are slowly but surely making their mark in the fashion modelling industry across the world. However, male models are just as sought out as females, so that means competition in the field is pretty tough. So if you want to succeed as a male model in the highly competitive world of modelling, here are some tips that might help you.

One is you should be clean from head to foot. If you’ve got dark circles or bags under your eyes, make sure you avoid any caffeinated drinks, get eight hours sleep and drink water before the day of the photo shoot. Also eating less than three hours before a photo shoot is a no-no.

These physical preparations, however, you need to prepare yourself mentally to not give up when the going gets tough. Do not have a bad attitude towards the job or your client. Confidence is always essential not only for male models, but also for anyone in any given field. To succeed as a male model, you must always be secure in how you look and your modelling ability. Anything less than unwavering self-confidence will result in a half-hearted performance of your job that will be apparent in pictures or on the runway.

However, you should not be overly confident. Remember that there are designers, choreographers and coaches who will tell you what they need from you during photo shoots and shows, so you should be flexible work with them to get the shots they want. Smile, relax and be in a good mood and you will make it! Find out more about The Model Factory here.

The Model Factory is not a modelling agency.
Read our modelling blogs and the official The Model Factory blog.